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New SAT Test

The first step of your SAT Test Prep is to know what to expect. Here is a brief description of each part of the test.

Reading Test (65 Minutes, 52 Questions)
The questions on the SAT Reading test are designed to be the type of questions that would be asked in a lively, evidence-based discussion. A total of 5 passages are in this section and all of the questions are multiple choice. There is 1 literature passage, 1 social science passage, 1 government passage, and 2 science passages. Some of the passages include informational graphics, but no math is required.

Writing & Language Test (35 Minutes, 44 Questions)
For the SAT Writing & Language test you must take on the role of an editor and select the best improvements for passages that have deliberate errors. You will need to read the passages, find the mistakes, and fix them. All of the questions are multiple choice.

Math Test – No Calculator (25 Minutes, 20 Questions)
This portion of the math test must be done without a calculator. The first 15 questions are multiple choice and the last 5 are grid-in. With the grid-in questions you must solve the problem and enter the solution in the grid that is provided on the answer sheet.

Math Test – Calculator (55 Minutes, 38 Questions)
With this portion of the math test you may use a calculator. The first 30 questions are multiple choice and the remaining 8 questions are grid-in. Questions are designed to measure fluency, conceptual understanding, and applications. There is a focus on real-world problems of the type you could encounter in your personal life, your career, or in college science classes.

Essay Test – Optional (50 Minutes, 1 Question)
On the SAT Essay test you will need to use your reading, analysis, and writing skills. You will be asked to read a passage, explain how the author builds their argument, and support this explanation with evidence from the passage. You are not supposed to agree or disagree with the passage, and you are not supposed to write about your personal experience.

Now that you know the basics of the test, it’s time to jump right into your SAT test prep. Use our website to find all of the best free resources that are available online. You may also want to buy a study guide, sign up for an SAT prep course, or hire a tutor. Our free directory can help you with all of these options!