SAT Math Practice

This is a directory of the highest quality free online resources for SAT math practice. We link to the best sites for SAT math problems, practice questions, and tips. We also provide detailed descriptions of each resource. The best method of SAT math prep is working through as many practice problems as possible. Our directory makes this easy to do.

Free SAT Math Practice

Online Questions – Calculator Not Permitted. Here are 18 online questions straight from the College Board, the same company that writes the SAT. This test will give you the best idea of what the actual questions will be like.

Online Questions – Calculator Permitted. Another 30 SAT math practice questions from the College Board. These questions are for the second math section, which permits the use of a calculator.

Khan Academy Tutorials. These are excellent tutorials that teach all of the key math skills that you will need for the SAT.

Multiple Choice and Grid-Ins. Crack SAT has a massive collection of math problems for the calculator section of the test as well as the no-calculator section. Also check out their grid-in question practice tests.

New SAT Full Math Walkthrough. This great series of videos from RadicalPrep walks you through every math problem on official practice test #1 for the new SAT. This is just like having your own personal tutor. Check it out!

Full Length Math Practice Quizzes. An awesome collection of SAT math practice test PDF files from Erik Jacobsen. Practice tests with varying difficulty and all with complete explanations. There are also specific quizzes for math formulas, vocabulary, strategies, and functions. Also check out his SAT Math Guides.

Practice Math Tests. These interactive math quizzes from are very helpful. Includes 24 tests with 10 questions each. Half the quizzes have multiple choice problem solving questions and the other half are student-produced response questions (grid-ins). Answers and explanations are provided.

Top 3 Math Strategies. A short YouTube video that teaches 3 math strategies.