SAT Practice Tests

There are several free SAT practice tests available online. Our directory lists only the highest quality practice tests that are available. These are fully updated for the New SAT that was rolled out in 2016. Working through challenging practice tests is the best way to prepare for the SAT. Choose a practice test from our list and start your test prep right now!

Free SAT Practice Tests

New 2016 Official SAT Practice Tests.  The College Board has released 8 free SAT practice test PDF files for the new SAT. These are full length practice tests along with scoring guidelines, answers, and explanations.

Khan Academy Practice.  The Khan Academy has partnered with the SAT to provide online test prep resources. Thousands of practice questions, video lessons, hints, and test-taking tips. They also have the 4 official full-length practice tests. All of this study material is provided for free—the only thing you need to do to access it is set up a free account with Khan Academy.

Ivy Global PDF.  Here’s another great SAT practice test PDF that was published by Ivy Global. It’s formatted exactly like the SAT, and includes some challenging questions.