Best SAT Prep Books

If you’re planning to buy an SAT prep book, make sure you get one of the best ones out there. There are literally dozens of options available, but only a few of them really stand out. We reviewed all of the most popular SAT prep books and compiled a list of the top books that have stood the test of time. These are the highest-rate review books and we strongly recommend each one of them:

Best SAT Study Guides

Official SAT Study Guide 2016 Edition. This is the official study guide for the SAT that is published by the College Board. Includes targeted practice questions for each of the new question types, along with a detailed math review and essay guide. Also includes four practice tests. Note: the practice tests are the SAME ones that are available online for free right here: SAT Practice Tests.

McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2016 Edition. Your next best option is this is this great SAT study guide from McGraw-Hill. It covers all the new question types and is loaded with strategies to help you succeed. Also include 3 full-length practice tests that you won’t find anywhere else.

Best SAT Math Study Guides

PWN the SAT: Math Guide. If you’re just going to get one SAT Math study guide, this is your best bet. It’s the highest-rated guide, it’s updated for the new SAT, it has the best reviews, and author Mike McClenathan really knows his stuff. This prep book is extremely effective, but also very funny, which makes studying a lot more enjoyable. Working through this book will definitely help you maximize your math score.

College Panda SAT Math. This is an advanced guide that is geared towards students who are striving for a perfect score. Clear explanations, hundreds of examples, and over 500 practice questions.

Best SAT Reading Study Guides

The Critical Reader, 2nd Edition. Erica Meltzer is a leading expert in the reading section of the SAT. Now her SAT reading study guide has been updated for the 2016 SAT, and it is already getting great reviews. You can’t go wrong with this book.

Best SAT Writing Study Guides

College Panda SAT Writing. This book from The College Panda is the best SAT Writing study guide available. This is an advanced guide aimed at students who are trying to get a top score. Clear explanations, tons of examples, and hundreds of practice questions. A perfect 5-star rating at Amazon.

Word Smart. This book from the Princeton Review is one of your best Vocabulary resources. This book defines and explains more than 1,400 words, with plenty of fun quizzes in between sections to test your knowledge. Word Smart is a multi-functional book, containing not only SAT vocabulary but also vocabulary for finance, science, and the arts to make you a well-rounded, confident communicator.

Best SAT Essay Guides

Prep Expert New SAT Essay. This great SAT Essay guide is available for the Kindle. It is designed to help you ace the essay question on the updated 2016 SAT. Covers 20 strategies that you can easily put into action.

College Panda SAT Essay. Another great option to consider if you want to get an SAT Essay study guide. Includes many strategies along with sample prompts and an essay template.