SAT Reading Practice

Start your SAT Reading practice right here. We have links to the best online resources for the New SAT Reading test. Try to work through as many practice questions as possible before you take your SAT. These websites offer interactive practice tests with answers and detailed explanations. We also link to some excellent test prep videos that provide tips and strategies to improve your reading score.

Free SAT Reading Practice

Online Questions. Online SAT Reading practice questions from the College Board. A total of 24 sample questions to help with your reading test prep.

Khan Academy Reading Video.  Here is a basic overview video of the new SAT Reading test from the Khan Academy. These also have a series of videos that teach you how to approach each type of reading passage:

SAT Reading. There are some good SAT Reading practice tests here. They all follow the new test format and thorough explanations are included.

CrackSAT Practice. A huge collection of Reading practice tests for the new SAT. Includes answers and explanations.

Critical Reading Strategies. This short video cover 4 important strategies that can help improve your score.