SAT Vocabulary

The new SAT doesn’t focus as much on vocabulary, but it’s still important to have good vocabulary skills in order to succeed on this test. There are vocabulary-in-context questions as well as reading passages that have challenging words in them. Below is our comprehensive directory of the highest quality SAT Vocabulary practice websites. These are all completely free and are excellent resources for practicing and learning SAT words. These sites have SAT vocabulary lists, practice tests, quizzes, and the 1,000 most common words. Try to learn a few new words every day!

1,000 Most Common Words. This is a great list from Sparknotes of the most common SAT vocabulary words. There’s a definition and sample sentence for each one. Certain words keep popping up, so it only makes sense to review these first.

Power Plus Vocabulary. These interactive vocab tests are a perfect way to learn new words. There are 84 lessons with 10 words for each lesson. The best feature offered here is that you get to choose from a wide variety of test formats: definitions, reverse definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and more. A fun and quick way to learn.

Word Lists. Twenty word lists with 100 challenging SAT vocab words in each list, along with the definitions. If you are studying with a friend, take turns quizzing each other.

Vocab from A to Z. An SAT word list for every letter of the alphabet, complete with definitions. Hundreds of words in total.

Vocab Videos. These SAT Vocabulary videos from RadicalPrep are awesome. They actually make it fun to learn new words. Check out the first one and you will see exactly what I mean.